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elves full of shame for having to play with the girls at

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Craig Mager Jersey . -- Playing turnover-free football is rare for Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles.The third-year pro has done it seven times in 33 career starts. Hes only done it once in consecutive games.But Bortles thinks he found something in London, where he enjoyed his best game of the season in a victory against Indianapolis . He played loose, scrambled more and took better care of the football.He acknowledged Wednesday he had been putting too much pressure on himself in the first three games, saying it was the main reason he didnt play well. He knew that had to change if the Jaguars were going to turn things around.I think maybe a little tight, Bortles said. Maybe trying to do too much. I think there were a number of things that kind of fueled into that. I think for us as an offensive unit, I think we play good when were playing free and having fun. ... Got to continue to work on eliminating penalties and shooting ourselves in the foot, but I think against the Colts in London was a good start for sure.Bortles and the Jaguars (1-3) will try to carry that into Chicago (1-4) on Sunday, the first of five road games in seven weeks for Jacksonville.I think its a constant process trying to figure out players strengths and what world they live in that they feel free and can be at their best, coach Gus Bradley said. I think that is constant and never-ending with most of our guys, and Blake is included in that.The Jaguars dissected every play during their bye week, trying to come up with a big-picture view of where Bortles has struggled and what he does best. No surprise, turnovers were near the top of the list.He had seven turnovers, including six interceptions, in the first three games. He threw a pick in the first quarter of each of Jacksonvilles first three games, leading to 17 points and early deficits against Green Bay, San Diego and Baltimore.He vowed to stop putting the team in holes and backed it up against the Colts.A big part of it is accuracy and throwing the football and where you (want) it, said Bortles, who has 53 touchdown passes, 41 interceptions, 22 fumbles (seven lost) and three rushing scores. That will always be part of eliminating turnovers, putting the ball where you want to. But I think for me its more so not forcing things, not trying to make plays down the field early in games when theyre not there. I think letting those things come to you.Bortles threw for 207 yards and two touchdowns in the 30-27 victory in London. He also ran for 36 yards and a score.Maybe more telling, the Jaguars improved to 5-2 when Bortles doesnt turn the ball over. So more than half of his nine career wins have come when he doesnt have an interception or a fumble.He did a fantastic job last week, offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. I think we all saw he did a better job. I think the instincts in the pocket, taking off and running and being the athlete that he is. He knows thats part of his game, and we dont want to take that away from him.Certainly you want to see him progress as a passer, but we never want to take away the instincts for him to run the ball and I thought he did a better job of that. He was very, very efficient last week.---AP NFL website: and AP NFL Twitter feed: Tyrell Williams Jersey . Louis Blues absence from top spot in the TSN. Corey Liuget Jersey . On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators. http:///...-Allen-Draft-Jersey/ .com) - The Pittsburgh Penguins placed forward James Neal on injured reserve Tuesday. In July and August, espnWs weekly essay series will focus on body image.It was Christmas break, and Kevin, two other guys and I had free reign of our high schools rink. The empty, ancient arena was a thing of beauty: the massive swath of ice, diamond-hard after a sub-zero night, and our sharp silver blades slicing it as echoes rang out under the high-beamed wooden roof.The emptiness of the rink invited long strides from one end to the other. I could race against only myself, sweating in the cold, pushing the ice from underneath my blades in circles.I was practicing my wrist shot against the boards, satisfied by the dull boom each time the puck hit the thick plastic: a proclamation of power.You know, were equal in the eyes of the school, Kevin said as he lifted the puck into the corner of the net.Hockey was less of a choice I consciously made than a birth rite. Allegedly, my first word was hockey, and by age 4 I walked around declaring that I would marry Wayne Gretzky.My dad, who was also my coach, had been a Division I goalie, and my older brother Ethan had played since childhood. Later Ethan grew to the size of a refrigerator and had a successful career as a power defenseman at the same high school I now attended.Just fall on the puck! hed tell me when I was 6 years old, strung up in goalie pads while he and his friends took shots. I idolized Ethan and was happy to be included, tennis balls whipping past my face.?Id been on skates for the first time at age 2, but gaps in my training had prohibited developing formidable skill. My shot wasnt strong enough, and my aim was not accurate. I couldnt maneuver past my opponents to the goal. I was a good skater, but couldnt nimbly dance around a huge defender. I loved being on the ice, and in high school the rink became my second home.Kevins ironic assertion of our equality, while he was clearly athletically superior to me, was a typical exchange of gender relations at our high school. I rolled my eyes at him, used to it. We were both members of our schools varsity hockey teams, but I understood that he meant to make clear that I was a guest in a realm that belonged to him.Our school itself had transitioned from all-boys to coed only the September before my freshman year, and female students were struggling to find a place and identity on campus. Wed commit ourselves fully to the court, field or ice, all grit and sweat.Then wed buy new dresses and lip gloss for school dances, hoping to be adored, or at least hoping to appease, an attempt to gain power in this nation of boys where our citizenship was tenuous.At my high school, girls with exceeding athletic talent werent an anomaly. Prowesss on the field, court, or ice was more of a standard we all tried to live up to. Derek Watt Jersey. . The field hockey and lacrosse players, who traipsed around their fields tanned, in mascara and skirts, their ponytails bouncing, were lusted after.Hockey was different.Even more so than football, the cold night games of the Boys Varsity Hockey team in the outdoor rink, with the crunch of helmets, pads and bones against the plexiglass boards drew roars from a devoted crowd of students, mostly boys who wished they were on the roster.The girls games, in general, were quieter affairs. Our first season began my junior year. We were covered from head to toe in thick padding, skating out onto unchartered territory.Theres no checking, or pinning someone against the boards in womens hockey, so the rabid fans of fights and falls tend to consider it boring, and dismiss the game as a pale imitation rather than a distinct athletic endeavor.For girls to interlope in the schools most sacred athletic ritual was taken as heresy by some of the sports male fans: we were treading on territory explicitly marked for and by them.Previous to having our own team, girls at my high school who wanted to play hockey were shuffled onto the junior varsity B team, which also became home to the boys who were cut from junior varsity. A.During games, our opponents would spot our ponytails and stride straight toward us. We were smaller, easy targets apparently deserving of a check against the boards.?It was as if they were asking You wanna play hockey? Here it is, as they pinned us against the glass.The guys on our team, themselves full of shame for having to play with the girls at all, would be suddenly roused to come to our defense, chasing the offender down and serving it right back to them.Hanging with Kevin and the guys over Christmas break gave me hope: maybe I could be tough, and taken seriously, maybe I could be a person to them, and not just a girl, vulnerable at every turn to a critique of my appearance.I remembered the warning from one of my beloved teen magazines that cautioned against playing sports with boys: You dont want them to see you as one of the guys.Still, whenever I can, I lace up a pair of skates. Its best at night, when the rink is empty, and the ice becomes a thread that runs through the needles of my skates, and the motion is so seamless that the ice and I are moving as one.Emily May is a writer and artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on a book of essays. 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