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that. If you look at the Browns, theyre jus

NFL ratings, which have been down significantly this season, have improved slightly since the U.S. presidential election.While viewership is down 10 percent overall through the first 14 weeks of the season compared to that time span in 2015, thats four percentage points better than the collective broadcasts were down a little more than a month ago.Its an encouraging rebound, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told ESPN on Friday. I think it proves that the election was certainly a factor.For the first nine weeks, NFL games averaged 15.5 million viewers, which was down 14 percent compared to 2015. But following the Nov. 8 presidential election, which took place two days before the start of Week 10, viewership has increased. During Weeks 10-14, NFL games averaged 18.1 million viewers, off just 2 percent compared to those weeks in 2015.As Goodell noted in a memo sent to NFL teams in October, the league has been affected by the presidential election before. In 2000, the memo said, Fox games were down 4 percent, and ABCs 7. Even worse, CBS and ESPN were down 10 and 11 percent, respectively.Goodell told ESPN that he doesnt blame all of the viewership woes this season on the political news cycle, saying he and the leagues executives have for years looked into various ways to make the game more digestible to fans.The average length of an NFL game is about 3 hours, 8 minutes, which hasnt changed substantively in the past several years, though the game might seem slower as the attention span changes due to the media landscape and social media.Im a big believer that its about the pace of the game, not the length of the game, Goodell told ESPN. If you have a great game, no one is talking about the games length. But pace is something weve been working on.One of the first experiments the league will conduct, in cooperation with its television partners, is different times and lengths of ad breaks within every Week 16 games. ?We want to re-evaluate what commercial pods should look like, Goodell said. Commercial breaks have been 2 minutes and 20 seconds for our entire history. Well, what happens if we try shorter breaks and put them in different places. It might be better for us, our fans, our television partners and even the advertisers. And its not just a media exercise, its about making it feel right to the fans in the stadium, as well.?Goodell says the average time spent for instant replay -- approximately 15 minutes per game -- also could be lessened soon.Weve had instant replay reviewed in our central office for two years now, Goodell said. In the beginning, there was a sense that it might be hard for us to have an integral role in all the games going on at one time, but theres more confidence now that were in a position where maybe instead of the official coming to the sideline, we could have a (Microsoft) Surface tablet brought out to him and we could get in his ear and make the decision quicker.As for the notion that games arent competitive enough, Goodell says the facts dont back up that assertion.?Were having our most competitive season since the early 1930s, Goodell said.The league says the average margin of victory through Week 14 is 9.83 points per game, which would be the lowest for a full season since 1932 (9.13). Some 69.2 percent of all games played this season have been within seven points in the fourth quarter (144 of 208), which would be the highest percentage for a full season since 1935 (71.7 percent), according to the league.Addressing those who say the decline in ratings is a product of too much football, Goodell says he doesnt see an issue with the quantity of games, including Thursday Night Football.I dont think weve seen anyone who wants less football, said Goodell, referencing the recent Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings game as the most watched Thursday Night Game ever.In fact, its the rise in the Thursday Night viewership that partially helped the league rebound. Those games from Weeks 10-14, which also included a highly anticipated Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders matchup, were up 35 percent compared to 2015.?Big games certainly have helped ratings rebound from the 15.5 million average seen from Weeks 1-9, as have the success of the Cowboys, who at 11-2 are tied with the New England Patriots with the best record in football.?The Week 10 Sunday game on Fox featuring the Cowboys versus the Pittsburgh Steelers drew 28.9 million viewers. Two weeks later, the Cowboys versus the Washington Redskins pulled in 35.1 million viewers on Fox. And last week, the Cowboys game against the New York Giants on NBCs Sunday Night Football was watched by 26.5 million people.Through the first 14 weeks, the biggest declines have been for ESPNs Monday Night Football and NBCs Sunday Night Football, which are down 15 and 13 percent, respectively, compared to 2015. Thursday Night Football, which is shared by the NFL Network, CBS and NBC, as well as with Twitter, is down 17 percent.Networks that air Sunday day-time games have had the narrowest drops. Fox is down 4 percent in viewership, while CBS has seen a 7 percent decline.?While the league wants to provide fans with a way to see the best moments of games on social media, executives have been weary of letting them do too much, so as not to discourage fans from watching at all. This year, the NFL put limits on what teams can put out editorially within the games and required that highlights be pulled from the leagues server.Said Goodell: You have to prepare to cannibalize yourself to deliver what the consumer wants. But we want to make sure to have the right balance. Wholesale Chargers Jerseys China. It says Pocklingtons lawyer filed the appeal Friday in a California court. CTV Edmonton also says Pocklington gave a $100,000 cash deposit as part of the conditions of his bail, and that he will be out on bail until his appeal is heard. Cheap Nike Chargers Jerseys. The Olympic champion curler and TSN curling analyst immediately went online to look at the Halls long list of honoured members. Thats when the enormity of the honour sunk in. Louis Blues teammates who would also be participating in the Olympics, Alex Pietrangelo felt right at home, no different in some ways to the travel experience of any old road trip – save for the length of the journey, that is. Los Angeles Chargers Derwin James Jersey. "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. Cheap Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys 2018. White came in fourth place in the event. He was the two-time defending gold medallist. The gold medal went to Swiss snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov. DETROIT -- Detroit long snapper Don Muhlbach was with the Lions back in 2008, when they became the first -- and so far, the only -- NFL team to go 0-16.This season, as the Cleveland Browns approach that mark of infamy, Muhlbach would rather not see a sequel.That was a brutal year, Muhlbach said. As a football player to another football player, I hope no one else has to go through that.The Browns have three more chances to avoid a winless season, starting with this weekends game at Buffalo. If Cleveland does finish 0-16, those 2008 Lions would have company in that pitiable club, but Detroit isnt exactly buzzing with anticipation.Can we wait for them to go 0-16 before I pop champagne? joked Dominic Raiola, who played center for the Lions from 2001-2014.All kidding aside, its not like an 0-16 season in Cleveland would change what the Lions had to endure eight years ago.I havent been following what theyve been doing and I dont really care if they win a game or not, said Raiola, now an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Lions.The Browns actually have a chance to surpass the 2008 Lions in one measure of futility. Cleveland also lost all four of its preseason games this season. Before Detroits 0-16 nightmare under Rod Marinelli eight years ago, the Lions managed to win the four games that didnt count.Of course, even that may have come with a cost.We were 4-0 in the preseason and showed our whole hand, said Roy Williams, a wide receiver for that team. We used all our plays and didnt change anything when the season started.Williams got off easy that year. He was traded in October to Dallas. But he has some, well, interesting tales.What really sums it up is what happened in Atlanta in our first game, Williams said. We were about to score and (quarterback Jon) Kitna was gesturing to the sideline to let them know that he wasnt hearing a play in his headset. Rod says into the headset, `Come in Jim! Jim! Colletto! And Colletto finally answered and said, `Sorry, coach. I mustve dozed off.Colletto, who was Detroits offensive coordinator that year, says he doesnt remember any incident like that. He says in their Thanksgiving loss to Tennessee, the Lions were penalized for delay of game immediately after a timeout, and he had to apologize to Marinelli because hed drawn a blank on what play to call.There wasnt anybody dozing off, Colletto said.Colletto can certainly empathize with what Clevelands coaches are facing now.I know (Browns coach) Hue Jackson. Theres a lot of good coaches there, Colletto said. Its hard. Its really hard. I know what theyre going through.The 2008 Lions had their chances to win a game. During one stretch, they dropped games to Minnesota, Houston, Waashington and Chicago, all by eight points or fewer.dddddddddddd Detroit was even tied in the fourth quarter of the season finale at Green Bay before falling 31-21.Every week it just kept building and building, Muhlbach said.Muhlbach and quarterback Dan Orlovsky are the only current Lions players who were with the team in 2008. Needless to say, its hard to stay hopeful during a season like that, and players -- both in Detroit in 2008 and Cleveland this year -- are put to an unenviable test.Be a pro. You have a job to do, said Tampa Bay offensive lineman Gosder Cherilus, who played for the Lions in 2008. Every day you wake up, dont look at the record. Know youre a big part of the team and every time you have a chance, you want to be a part of the reason theyre winning -- not part of the reason why theyre losing. At the end of the day, not everyones going to give you their best, but you want to be one of the good guys.If theres any solace for the Browns, its that the Lions actually recovered from 0-16 rather quickly. That awful season netted them the No. 1 pick in the 2009 draft, which they used on quarterback Matthew Stafford.Calvin Johnson was in his second season when the Lions went winless, and he went on to become one of the greatest players in franchise history. Team president Matt Millen was fired during that 2008 season, and Marinelli met the same fate when it was over. The Lions moved on with Martin Mayhew as general manager and Jim Schwartz as coach.Neither of them is still with the organization, but they helped the Lions recover from depths no team had ever reached. In 2011, Detroit made the playoffs -- and Stafford is a big part of this years NFC North-leading team .Yeah, but we couldve won one game and still got Stafford, Muhlbach said.Plenty of teams have hit rock bottom and then returned to respectability. Only one of them went 0-16.The memories of that season linger for those who experienced it.Sometimes when you keep hearing how much of a loser you are, you start to believe it and you accept it. Dont you ever accept that, regardless, Cherilus said. A lot of people think you win in the National Football League just on talent, but it takes so much more than that. If you look at the Browns, theyre just as talented as other teams in the league. That tells you how hard it is to win.But Im rooting for them because I dont wish for that kind of thing to happen to anyone else.---AP Sports Writers Larry Lage and Fred Goodall contributed to this report.---For more NFL coverage: and . Wholesale Jerseys ' ' '
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    that. If you look at the Browns, theyre jus
    that. If you look at the Browns, theyre jus
    NFL ratings, which have been down significantly this season, have improved slightly since the U.S. presidential election.While viewership is down 10 p...
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